Mo’ Farah Must Step Aside!

We have not sprinkled the earth with our warm yellow salts
for seven days and seven nights we have spared trees and bushes
from irrigation, neither have we sparked fire in the middle of the night
by fighting – one on top of the other, growling like cats
No! our neighbours walls have been spared from collapse
and our beds will live to the tell disturbing tales
out of this world baby manufacturing escapades.

We have not eaten meat!
we have only tasted several pieces of roasted goat Intestines
and that is not meat. We have accepted to live on Ngima’, rabbit twigs
and hot peppered soup until you grant us our request.
we no longer smile, for it is no longer funny
we speak with our heads bowed
our eyes lowered, we have forgotten how to beat our chests.

Our women are sour from sitting
no buttock has vibrated in celebration
only crickets ululate.
Our men will die of thirst
I tell you the truth, they will collapse from thirst
how can they drown Naivasha mixed products yet there is nothing to celebrate?

The president is mourning, ever so often He wears sacks
to show his solidarity, how else can we explain his ugly floral shirts?
He cries every night, if you do not believe me
look at his red puffy eyes during the day
He is yet to over our loss
no amount of cucumber and Avocado face mask will save his face
only Glory will wash away his grief, our grief.

Enough is enough
we will slaughter cows and goats- daily
walk round your Mountain seven times
Jog to Iten and back every Evening
until your mercy rests on our heads.

We want our throne back
we want our glory back
We demand our Gold back
Lord, just as you eliminated Ethiopian Dibaba from competitive running
when you struck her with the Pregnancy Plague last year
allowing our very own Vivian Cheruyoit to arrive at the finishing line first this year
we pray that you proceed with urgency to tame Mo’ Farah
Oh! Farah what has he not done to your hearts?
have we not attempted suicide when he raced like the wind past our Athletes
with no shame, have we not missed cardiac failure by a second had it not been for Rudisha and Yego
who wiped away our tears?
all our sugars have risen, all our salts have dropped
and our fats are clogging our hearts with intent to minus us from the earth.

Father, It is not that we are greedy, we are not!
have we not allowed the Ethiopians to fight over bronze in one or two events
have we not boosted Russian Morale by allowing them to win in all Semi-Final heats
were you not there when Ezekiel Kemboi finished third in some Qualifying heat,
we are good people, all loving people – most of the time.
we poured all the bad drinks
forgave all who stole our public money
and accepted Kanyari and his seed planting ways.

One request we Submit
it could be early retirement
re-deployment by the Queen as a royal guard
missing training shoes
a flooded practicing stadium
a toothache
anything we pray
all we want is for Him – Mo’
to stop arriving at all global finishing lines, first.
we want our hearts to find rest
we want to walk on our heels with pride
we want to laugh at everyone else, perhaps even mock them a’kidogo tu’
we want to to beat our chests and yell ‘ This gold is not your mother’s’
once again.

He who lives past the clouds hear us, oh! we hear us we pray



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