Waruguru wa kiai

1992 Thoughts and Dreams

The rain pours loud

reminding me of yesterday’s years

seated under my grandmother’s granary

cuddling with her cute black cat-riddled with fleas,

heavy and defiant mucus flowing freely from my nostrils

retreating temporarily when I forced it back or when

I flashed my hands across my nose-diverting the flow to my ear

Then I would curl my toes

stare at the wet skies

and wonder about today.

A book and a pen to draw and paint

was all I wanted

‘dextrosal’ to lick from my tiny dirty hands

A new pair of shoes and flowered socks

A horse to chase the rainbow

A huge television with lot’s of mangoes and red fruits

I always wanted to break it and eat the fresh fruits

but that was then, for today

I worry about tomorrow, especially when the rain pours.


Patrick Ambani Photography



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