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This is a Kikuyu to English translation of the Kikuyu poem ‘ Nī ūndū maūndū ma wendo´ published under the ‘Marebeta’ Category.


I pray for love, true love
not this rogue -pretender to the throne -love
English decorated lies
by these young men’s sweet tongues
these lazy Kikuyu men
who have refused to work hard
all they do is Iron their China Imported Shirts
all day long, sipping on tea that never grows cold
while killing our Kikuyu children with their tight pants!

Even though I pray for love
I pray not to be loved by such men!

Where will true love come from?
and not this night love
this kind of love where people meet under the covers of darkness
not this love where people are bitten by crawling insects
as they demolish one another in maize plantations
as they pluck each other
as they eat each other
as they drain each other
as they make each other scream
such that from a distance, you cannot tell who is mounted
and who is mounting.

Love is good
but I am afraid I do not want this fool’s love
this fool who calls me ‘My honey, My property’
spoiling me with roast meat and Guarana
while his wife and children die of hunger
this fool who promises me land in Kieni
after he ‘ploughs’ my lands
yet he has abandoned an acre of ‘ploughing’ land in his house.
A full grown man who dances with girls young enough to be his daughters
dressed in a leather coat and red pants
he pretends to be young, dancing to Amarula and bend over
he is the king of fools with his outrageous gimmicks in the name of ‘swag’
he chases every skirt in town, every ‘hole’ he wants to pole
may he die!

I have not refused love
but let me refuse this fool’s love!

I pray for love and all the beautiful things love brings
true love
and not these sausage, blood lips and coloured nails madness
not these high heels and poking breasts plague
not these Mercedes Benz and five star hotel tours love gymnastics
neither do I want the rich man’s clan love.

Do not get me wrong
I have not refused a nice car
neither will I itch if I were to live in a huge mansion
but love is not about having a big name for
every name has worth
neither do I want to be associated with life’s vanities.
I have not refused love
but I will not be part of chest thumping antics in the name of love.

Love is good
one who loves you is important
one who is loved walks with is beautiful
he walks around with a bright face
she steps like an over fed cat that lives in the butchery
love makes one proud like a peacock
so much so
one’s buttock becomes bigger than the other, it is the truth!

I pray for love
but I am afraid I do not want to be part of love
that burns for a minute
like dry straw
I will not be part of it.

My wish is to be loved
by a young man with dark skin like Asbel Kiprop

I would be happy if he had a gap between his teeth.

A young man who praises my beauty in song and dance
a young man who sees his home in my eyes
a young man who sees the sun and remembers my bright smile
and my bubbly ripe cheeks
a young man who believes in the might of my thighs.

I want a young man
who works hard
a young man with renowned fame
just like Kibe
whose fire never dies down
until the woman is satisfied.
I want to be always eating quarry stones collected from construction sites
because of always being pregnant – year in, year out

I want a young man who will only know the hem of my dress
and no other!
a man who will follow me
when I strut ‘cabbage carrot, cabbage carrot’
He who will love me now with my size eight figure
and love me still when I burst to size eighteen

Since I pray for love
I pray to be loved by such a man.



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