Dear Facebook spam Friends

Dear Jacqueline
what spirit led you to my website
what the name of that witch doctor
who ordered you to stalk my messages
day in, day out
tell me now
I will travel to Kitui at night – on reverse
I will plant pig bones in my compound
fly peacock feathers on my gate
to be rid of your demons

How much were you paid
to urinate on my peaceful blog
and by whom?
On which sit were you resting on
which strong spirit were you sipping on
and what was floating through your mind
when you decided to stalk me
day in, day out
tell me now
I will brew stronger concoctions
well hidden near a river of your choice
no chief or president will find the frothy drinks!

Jacqueline, Jacqueline, Jacqueline!
you liar!
how many times have you threatened to call me
with your – I just wanted to drop you a quick note here instead of calling you
promising me enough hits to propel me to fame untold
I am tired of your annoying advise
always landing on my inbox
after every hour
Ah! be gone from my profile
have I told you I want to be famous?

One more thing Jacqueline
tell Anita Tekin, Gifts loveby, Essy Jenniffer…
the whole lot
I am not interested in being their friend on facebook
I do not want to find call Essy
or find out that always ‘Important’ message from michael
and no! even though Lezer Gom likes my profile
I do not like her!
I do not like her!
I have no intention of killing Uncle Mugabe with ‘rainbow’ induced heart attack.

twi hamwe Jacque and group?



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