Waruguru Wa Kiai

Dear Santa.

A bra Santa
I wish for a white bra and black panties
this Christmas, to save my clan from Njeri’s shame
She came from Nairobi accompanied by a chest full of rioting breast
with every step she made we held our breathe in shock
old men flocked my father’s hut waiting to catch her falling breasts
the young men stood silently, biting their lips, shifting uneasily, sweating profusely.

I too planted oranges on my chest hoping to beat Njeri’s swollen army
they never stuck for long
one yellow breast rolled away while I washed clothes
I still remember Karuga’s Chuckle as He picked and Devoured the orange, I did not die of Shame!

Santa Hurry with the Panties
Njeri arrives soon with Her painted Lips, It was tragic last year
with her see through dress she left nothing to imagination
curse the wind for dancing around her, Mama rushed with her leso
but it was too late
We watched as her dress flew up to her nose
she had on between Her Thighs a tiny strip of material swallowed between the Dimpled Pair
Had she Hid Her Buttocks
she would not have become the village flag,
Flying High, Hoisted on some Village Man’s waist-Every Day and Night.



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