Waruguru Kiai

Gaceeri witu ugiui

Gaceeri did you know that your baby boy would one day crawl on water, high on liquor
Gaceeri did you know that your baby runs after every bus anticipating your return
did you know that your baby drowns his sorrow at mama ‘bima’, the only mother He knows
did you know He wonders at the village in search of any man with brown eyes just like his, to call father.
Tears He has shed in your name, Gaceeri witu ugiui…

Oh! Gaceeri did you know,
this child you delivered and dumped at the village square will soon deliver you, to pits of sorrow and grief!

Gaceeri did you know that your baby could have been king of all nations
now He eats crumps at satan’s bonquet
heavens perfect lamp, your son, toils like a beast for a few coins to chase your love at the city,

Oh Gaceeri did you know, all He wanted was to rest on your shoulder
listening to you praise his dreams
did you know, He now finds solace in a ditch waiting for death to call him home
Gaceeri my mother’s daughter, I wish you knew…



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