Get a sanitary towel for your sister!

To bleed is her pride
to flow red between her thighs
to shed empty bags of life because she can
hold life,and let go of life
seven days every month
her right.

To bleed is her pride
fiery red on her white panties
but not in shame
not on mud to clog her crown
not on feathers to poke her shame
not on wood to crucify her vagina
let her bleed, but not in shame.

Let her bleed,because she can
her head held high
back and forth, hips swinging
pencils on hands, books in the mind-everyday of the month,
let her bleed, in pride.

Let her red rest on a pad!
Always,stay free,sunny girl,
A packet of pride,clean and fresh
to hold in open secret-her pride
to hold only for seven days-ingredient of life
to restrain temporarily-multitudes of tomorrow.

Let her bleed but in pride
no price,for the pride
no shame, for her helm
for frown,for her flow.
Let her bleed,but in pride.

Photography: Patrick Ambani



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