#Guarana-induced- thoughts #muhaka no congo! #braray!

I have dreams that keep me up at night
tossing and turning
I have constructed castles mightier than Tafaria
more grand than Oldoiyo Lengai.
I have traveled further than my mind
lived in a world yet to be discovered
ruled over lands and kingdoms yet to conquered
My feet have tip toed on air
and I have never fallen.
I vacation with the sun
sipping sizzling hot Guarana
listening to up town funk
Muhaka wari o congo!

Nothing is impossible
there is nothing that I cannot do
if I put my mind to it
I can do it, hell
I will do it.
life, and its turns and twists
amount to nothing more than a colourful
highly emotional Soap Opera starring a shirtless blonde
whose six pack is nothing to write home about.
I will make it – despite of – regardless
because, just as Jomo Kenyatta once said
were it not for the colonial boundaries and shit
Kenya’s territory extended up to Congo
my dreams are just as vast
just as wide and expansive as our country Kenya
ah! Muhaka no Congo pris!

When they attempt to pull you down
with loads of negativity
when all they sing is ‘ you cant’ or ‘give up’ or ‘give in’
find no need to get angry
or to flash your middle finger on their face
stand confidently, face the Congo with arms outstretched
shake your finger and shout, at the top of your voice
Muhaka no Congo! Muhaka no Congo!

kai ari kii
tondu nikii
kii na kii!

*Muhaka no congo – The boundary stretches to the congo(DRC).



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