Waruguru Kiai

Hidaya Hidaya Hidaya…

She is hoisted on a stranger’s waist
dizzy from dancing with the pole
on a drunk filled stomach.
The little girl you watched leave
to chase the sun rays
lights up blood and balls
Hoisted on some Man’s Waist
with nothing but a mysterious string stuck deep between her buttocks crack.

Mama, I do not lie
spread fine on the table,
she twists and curls like a snake
Her long legs curved Behind His ear
Between His Thighs, Her Hands Journey free
to the depths of His Pocket
Like fresh Onions Her Breast Poke sweet and sour
decorated by beads of sweat running between her rising cliffs
at the tune, the hall attempts to freeze as she runs up and down the pole, legs part
she will land on some man’s waist
Dizzy from climbing the pole
on a drunk filled stomach.

Mother, your Njeri is dead!
they now sing for Hidaya
Praising her riveting waist
suffocating salivating patrons with Her rotating form
coveting Her chocolate skin
Have you not them shout
Hidaya Hidaya Will you Marry Me, Hidaya Hidaya Will you Marry Me!

Mother Forgive Me for the telling the truth
your daughter’s truth.



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