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I call this one- No you Didn’t, I know you Didn’t!

I woman of breast and vagina
Stand at the altar of present
To exorcise the demons of yesterday
Demons alive in a fellow woman
onother,of breast.
Woman, I curse you – I curse you!
We, women of breast fought for
Participation, inclusion, recognition,
To be heard, not only to be seen.
We struggled to emancipate ourselves
From shackles of culture
Culture that perceived us only as property among sheep, cows and goats,

“What is she good for, if not for lying on her back,
And bringing forth children?” they asked.

I, woman of breast
Remind you fellow woman
We have made strides
The sun is yet to rise on our progress
The clouds of the five man bench are dark and threatening
With their thunders of “Distant Progressive Realization”
But tell them, the rays of the sun have warmed the earth
Strong, cannot be stopped or denied
Our sun will rise
Must rise
They are wrong
tell Mutunga I said so, tell him
But that is fight for another day.

Woman you are angry,
We all are,
But to tell us to forget that we are better,
Learned, experienced, strong,
To tell us to lay bare,
and negotiated for our rights,
While we lay on our back,
Woman I curse you,
Demon be gone from my sight,
The cock our success is yet to crow thrice,
and you have betrayed us.

We will lobby,
We will complain,
We will go to court,
All these
We will do,
While standing,
Tall and brave
Counted amidst adversity
Not on our backs,
Women are more than the confines of our thighs,
Sex will not define, shape, stamp, our destiny,
Woman I curse you
I curse you!

The poem was a reaction to calls from women rights activist calling for women in Kenya to go on a sex boycott, until the Supreme Court reversed its advisory opinion which was to the effect that women representation in the national parliament shall be achieved progressively. While it is appreciated that women political representation is long overdue and should have immediate application and implementation, it turns into a disappointing scenario to ignore the many credible and laid out avenues of showing disapproval of the courts judgment, with calls for a sex boycott. The call in its entirety was a disgrace, uncalled for and an insult on the intelligence, understanding, and competence of the Kenyan woman.

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