Waruguru Kiai

In honour of all- great- Dads and Mums.

To all the men who stayed back
Those who watched their women fill up to their nose
Bloated with pregnancy
To those who bought truck loads of soil to kill sudden cravings
To those who went in search of plums, raw sweet potatoes and ‘dafifi’ in july-at night
To those men who rubbed backs
and caught spit
Those who heard their women yell forth life before fainting
Or heading to the bar to drown away the fright
Those men who stayed up at night
Those who look under their children’s bed every night to chase away ghosts
Just because their babies said so
Those with cuddle arms that soothe their angels to sleep
To those who do not sleep planning for their little kings and queens
To those men who gave up their dreams
To follow their children
To those men who lost their names
Those who are now known as ‘daddy’ ‘papa’ ‘father…’

To these great men
And women
Waruguru wa kiai sings
Happy fathers Day.

Before all the women kill me,let me sing for them too…

Oh lord of all creation
Bless these women
Raising children on their own
These women who fight with life
With all their might
They raise men and women
Against all odds.

Oh lord of all creation
Remember these women
Who only cry at night
Covered by darkness
They curl and pray for help
Only God listens to them
And when the sun rises
They crawl confidently
To face life all over again
No one notices their swollen eyes
No one has ever bothered to carry the weight of their bleeding hearts.

These women
These mothers
Ah! These beautiful beasts of burden
May the sun never set over their heads.

With their breasts they nurture the world
With their heels they run the world
And their smile
Oh and when they smile
It is as if they never cried
They have never hurt
Woi Ngai these women!

They know how to rise from deathly pits again and again
With grace they carry their heads in pride
These mothers of fatherless children
these mothers of little angels
These mothers of kings
These mothers -guards of tomorrow
These mothers
Are fathers!

Did you not see these women pick up the pieces
after the men left
Did you not see them exhale
After their men’s support went to Nairobi never to return
Did you not see Nerea
Raise Obama on her own-alone with her bare hands
Do you not see these women
Doing the best they can
To keep their babies safe
These women
Ah! These women
Are gods!

These beautiful gods
With no lives of their own
These gods who own nothing of their own
These gods who eat last
These gods whose every penny belongs to their children
These gods who stand to stare at nice dresses and shoes
Then walk away empty handed because every coin belongs to their babies
These women who packed their dreams in big travel bags
Because only their children’s dreams matter
These women
These women
These gods!

For all these women
Whose men were crushed by Thika Road construction tractors
Never to return
For all these women
Happy fathers day
Ini! Nyinyi ni shujaa!



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