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Missive to the side dish

Dear Mpango Wa Kando,

Honey I see you looking fresh and clean, good for you.

I see you got a man too, He is handsome, He is sweet, He is loaded-In His Wallet and between His Thighs,He loves You, He is married-to another, more power to you!

Am going to Keep this short, hopefully sweet.

You have Him wrapped around your pretty little finger,

He Jumps when you call,

He calls you sweet heart,

you can fuck him 101 ways-Left, right and center,side ways, until he calls His mother, while His Wife is still grappling with the idea of having sex with lights on,

He loves your nice little House with big teddy bears on the seats,

He loves the ways your curves run smooth with no rough edges like his Wife’s Waist riddled with Michelin Tyres,

He loves your tight vagina, it has not been tainted with child bearing shit, He loves your breast too, always on alert defying gravity,

He loves showing off your pretty little legs to his friends,

You can twerk, dance on a pole, Give him a blow job as He drives to Naivasha,

Everything you want, He Buys, that car, that bag, that house, those weaves…

More power to you girl!


When it comes down to the wire,

What matters most,

When it matters most,

I bet you,

He will quote the President,

“Am excited … I cant wait to run to my wife and tell Her what is Happening”

His Wife Honey, His Wife.

He will run-always

away from you,

to His Wife!

Hey I did not mean to take up most of your time Madam Salad

on your knees,

as you were,

suck Him,

blow Him up-away.

go ahead, girl yes!

Patrick Ambani Photography



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