Mr. President; ‘Taimagine’ Our Buttocks are ready to sit on Boards!

For how long will we wait for tomorrow?
For how long will we dream of better?
For how long will we yearn to be where you are?
Have we not waited enough?
Did we not vote to rush tomorrow?
With our papers and skills
Have we not held our breathe
Waiting for our turn
Waiting for our names to be read out
Waiting for the arrival of tomorrow!

Mr. President, speak the truth
I promise not to tell
those numbers they speak of
numbers counting jobs created
do you believe them yourself?
like a small child I beg to understand how
it happened because you see
our jobless corner has since expanded since you took office
brilliant youths are wasting away – hope quickly fading
and their lives…their lives …there is none!

Mr President
I am yet to hear of a young person who died after wearing suit and tie
Neither have my ears received any complain from a young person who sat in a board meeting for hours,
None has ever fainted
Or gone numb from listening to big English words.

There is more to us
than unclogging drainage systems in the slums
there is more to us
slashing grass and playing football in some dilapidated pitch
Mr. President
It may sound far fetched but imagine we too can run offices
and swing on board seats,
There is more to young people
than wearing red TNA Shirts and running after your convoy in search of coins
for some poor quality daily bread.
There is more to young people
than heckling and hacking
so more more than just being statistics
and a sentence in some overly ambitious strategy
so much more…

My president
None of these highly educated youths will itch
None will diarrhea or develop cold
If appointed to head parastatals and other public offices,
I am convinced that none of their buttocks will deflate if they seat on those powerful seats
Matako ya vijana hatafifia wakati watakapo keti katika hizo viti vyenye ushawishi!
Matina ma andu ethi matikuhoha maikarira iti-ini cia utogoria!
If that was your worry
Worry no more!



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