waruguru wa kiai

#single mothers #you-are-beautiful.

My Friend smiles shyly
as if afraid of the world
she never strays from the sidewalk
each step she makes
is a battle – do I or do I not?
She is a beautiful beast
who no longer dances in front of a mirror
neither does she turn her head when they call her beautiful
She knows they cannot be talking about her.
Help me sing to my friend – girl you are beautiful,
you are beautiful!

My friend is a fragile flowers pretending to be stone cold
She roams about with her head held high
as if always ready for a fight, even when peace waves the white flag
life has not been so kind, tossing her about in torturous whirlwinds
she has since stopped running, but she will not fight either
she just stands like a lost warrior – far away from home
no breathe leaves her insides
she just stands – waiting – hoping
for better – for peace – for a goodnight sleep.
Who will run to her with my message
who will tell her of my thoughts
Just how powerful she is
and of the greatness that lies within her – despite of – regardless of!

My friend is a superwoman
always doing a million things in a minute
her thoughts always live – no matter what
she gets things done, anything for her loved ones
she will do.
and no one has ever seen her cry.
She thinks less of herself, this superwoman
finds little worth in her achievements
while we watch and praise her
while we yearn to be like her when we grow up
She sees nothing to smile about
oh life! what did you do to my superwoman
to almost bring this queen on her knees
when you – life – ought to be kissing her feet.

My friend has fought battles no words can explain
she has hurt – the kind of hurt that stings the hurt so deep…
she has scars, a constant reminder of a life she would rather forget
she has since made peace with her regrets
most of the time, she makes peace with herself
one day at a time.
she does not cry- you cannot call muffled growls under the cover of darkness- crying.

My friend forgot about love
she thinks that single mothers are done
no space for them in the love market
no chance for them to be under the cover
of a man who worships the ground she walks on
oh my friend but don’t you know
you deserve the best.
someday – very soon – a man worth all salts
will love you, and you will die in his arms
forever, you wait!

I don’t want to walk alone without your strength
we walk together!
I don’t want to make it alone-to be way up there- without you
We rise together!
because you see, when history writes about us
about great women who rose above their past
about great women who changed the world
history must write about you
to praise and honor you
for you my friend
you are powerful beyond measure.



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  1. Hempstone Maroria

    May God bless all the single women out there. I know not all men will take responsibility for their kids like some of us and support the baby mama and the kid hence making making the woman go through hell on earth as they try to find the basic needs and general peace in their lives. . May God comfort you and as Anne says in the poem, ALL SHALL BE WILL, You Wait!!!!

  2. maria

    this piece gives me hope…I know with God’s help we will make it through everything..thumbs up for all single mamas making it out there..you are doing a good job!

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