The New YOLO #The-whole-truth.

Because when a young man writes such truth, we must listen!

I’m writing this to reach all my friends, ladies and gentlemen in their 20s, be it early,mid or late 20s, and some people in their early 30s.I’m talking about my peers and age mates, those who are still in university, college and other tertiary institutions, some who are young professionals who have average paying jobs and some who are grinding hard to make a living every day. One of the things slowing down our success is PEER PRESSURE & MISPLACED PRIORITIES.

I’ll only look at one angle of this for now – Most of you can attest to the following; our peers and friends are judging us every now and then for missing that amazing party in our local joint last Friday, not having been wasted like they did last night, and constantly stereotyping us for not TURNING UP every weekend like they do. Personally, I have been and probably am a victim, every weekend, But Lucky for me, This does not affect me much because I only go out when I feel like, either to celebrate an achievement in my life or simply take a break from the norm.

Its time we look at life differently, YOLO does not mean NOW is the only time you have to have fun, drink and enjoy life, YOLO does not mean you’re about to die so you should drink your ass up every weekend awaiting your death, NO. YOLO simply means that The only opportunity you have to create a better version of yourself is NOW. YOLO means that NOW is the only chance you have to make a difference in your life. YOLO means that if you want a better future, then NOW is the time to make the right decisions, because every single day is a journey towards the life that you want to live, YOLO means that if you use your NOW wisely, your TOMORROW will surely be better than your YESTERDAY.

Can we all for a moment stop looking at life like we will be young forever, like we will have this energy of our youthfulness throughout!

Why not achieve true success first then we can live this life? We all want a good house for ourselves someday – Don’t We? We all want to drive that Range Rover Vogue 2018, Mercedes Maybac S600, That sexy BMW, AUDI, Subaru, GTR or even that Cool TOYOTA car we always dream about.. We all need a bright future, a future our mothers and fathers will be proud of.. Yet here we are ,drinking every weekend despite not being where we want to be in life – somewhere better than today- with positive achievements to our name – taking pride in getting home at 4AM every Saturday and Sunday – Wasted- with our small finances which we could put into better use and smile to the bank a few years to come for putting them into a better use.

We need a revolution,a revolution to drive us, a revolution to make us see that life is not about today and tomorrow and next weekend, we all need to see that we have plenty of life to live and if we want to be what we want to be, we have to sacrifice, sacrifice these nights for later, sacrifice friends who are not adding value to our lives for a better tomorrow, sacrifice our UNNECESSARY WANTS for our Ambitions to come to pass.

Let’s all be a part of everyone’s journey, let’s correct our fellow friends when we see them straying away from their journey, let’s be the friends who positively impact other peoples lives, let’s be friends who will be proud of each other a few years from now because of the SACRIFICES we made as friends for the sake of our goals. After all, WHO DOES NOT WANT A BRIGHT FUTURE? I DO WANT ONE MYSELF, AND I HOPE YOU DO TOO!

By Hempstone Maroria.

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  1. Pherry Archie

    very true..i totally agree with every word you have said
    We need likea hundred of young people like you in our country to change the current situations we are in ya YOLO

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