What Lupita Said!

The day I buy myself a colour black car
I will shave my legs
steam my thighs
and paint my dreads red.
I will slid into my little black dress
and stuff my feet inside a pair of drop dead gorgeous six inch heels
I am yet to decide on the importance of underwear.

On that day,
I will wear kilos of lipstick
buckets of face powder
and several cans of body spray
I will buy chewing gum
and make balloons with it.

Before I drive off
I will raise my hands and praise ngai
I will slot in my favorite music – Alikiba’s mwana
wiggle my fine rear for a minute
slap my thigh, snap my fingers
and hide my eyes in black ‘gorgos’
it is then that I will drive
after hanging my bra on the side mirror
for when will my twins ‘tembea kenya’
ha! On that day…


Picture Sourced from genious.com



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